Hey there New Mama do you want to learn how to help
your baby relax more?


This Baby Massage course has been designed by midwives to help build connection,
help with digestion and increase relaxation for both you and your baby.

Increase relaxation

Understand your baby

Increases sleep



NOW ONLINE taught Live due to Covid- 19 – be able to still connect with mums and bubs
and learn a relaxation skill that we all desperately need.

Groups will be available again later in 2020


What you will learn over 4 weeks


Wouldn’t you love to help your baby relax more, being able to help them fall into a deeper longer sleep?
Baby massage stimulates your baby’s relaxation hormones.

These in turn help your baby to relax, they enjoy baby massage and then sleep better and for longer periods.


  • More content relaxed babies = More relaxed content mums
  • Parents report that their babies’ sleeping patterns and length of sleep has improved.
  • Babies also benefit from a reduction in their stress hormones which helps them to be more settled.





Connection and understanding

Wouldn’t you love to understand your baby better?
Being able to recognise a tired cry from a hungry cry can really change your world.


  • Recognising your baby’s cues is key to a more content baby.
  • Build your confidence in understanding what your baby is communicating, we as mums are more quickly and able to satisfy our baby’s needs.
  • Promoting oxytocin for our babies helps them to feel safe, secure and loved
  • Promoting your oxytocin it continues to build your connection with your baby



Aids digestion and relief from
common baby issues

Wouldn’t you love to be able to help your baby fart, burp and poo more effectively?
Isnt it funny as now as new mums that so much of our conversations lead to bowel movements
Eliminating gas and giving massage to the digestion system – helps our baby’s immature digestion systems work more efficiently.

  • Help your baby to poo more regularly
  • Allieviate constipation
  • Help you baby burp and fart more consistently
  • Relief of gas and colic, constipation and elimination,
  • Teething and nasal congestion.

Over the 4 week course we focus on specific areas of our baby’s bodies,
assisting with their body awareness and physical development too.

We repeat and build on each lesson every week so you can see the imporvements with your baby.

I usually teach in groups but currently everything is online.
Get your mums group together online and have fun together learning a fantastic skill
that you will use for your child daily for the rest of their life.

Classes are $100 for 4 weeks - payment plans available



“It gave me confidence on how to massage our little guy for specific needs (like a stuffy nose or an upset tummy); it was a nice way to connect with other like-minded mums; it definitely helps our little guy calm down when he has had a big day!! He loves his feet massaged in particular 😍Leila”

- Leila- Abbotsford



“Doing baby massage prior to night sleep helps bub sleep longer and also when she has lots of gas it really helps to ease her pains 😊”

- Serra Summer Hill



“I am so glad I got the opportunity to learn- I had stopped for while as she got older, but now she has some bigger teeth coming through and is VERY cranky and the last few nights have been tough. Ive managed to calm her down and get her into bed by massaging her.”

- Holly Breakfast Point