What our clients say






Donika and Christian with Baby Reuben first time parents Croydon, London

After having completed the course, the fear and uncertainty gave way to a feeling of calm and positive anticipation about
birth. We definitely felt empowered and closer as a couple.

I’d thoroughly recommend Amelia to anyone wishing their birth to be a positive experience, rather than something endured.



Lisa and Chris Five Dock, Sydney- Second time parents

I found my first birth to be really scary and stressful and I felt unprepared - I didn’t want that for my second birth.

I was apprehensive before the first class - but by the 4th class I walked out feeling totally empowered and excited!

The course put me in the right mindset - creating a calm environment and learning to cope with pain and my overwhelming

It helped ease my anxieties and the techniques can be used after birth also.

The MP3s are really calming.


Steffy and Anthony- second time parents Tulse Hill, London

After the course I felt very confident and calm about my approaching birth.

I used the techniques on a daily basis to relax and focus my mind, this was particularly useful with a one year old in the house and never a moment to think!

The instant transformation was how the techniques I learnt helped me sleep better at night.

Listening to the MP3s and techniques every night helped me to relax, be less anxious and sleep better.

After the course, I felt I was now much more focused on my pregnancy and closer to the baby.

I am quite an anxious person so wanted techniques to help me approaching the due date.

It will transform your life immediately. It will transform how you feel immediately and enable you to feel more calm and connected
with your body and baby.

The techniques are not just for the birth, they are for life!



Lauren and Lee First time parents Abbotsford, Sydney

I feel more in control, the experience doesn’t seem as daunting as it did at first.

The course helped me face my fears surrounding birth, and transformed the fears into positive thoughts.

I found the self hypnosis tools and MP3s very helpful, and although I am now having a C section, I feel that I can utilise what I have learnt in order to achieve the right birth for me on the day.

Amelia was absolutely fantastic and I would recommend this course to anyone having a baby!

It gave me all the confidence I needed to dispel the negative thoughts I previously had surrounding birth, and equipped me
with tools to feel empowered and positive about the birth of my baby.

Kat and Todd First time Parents, Maroubra, Sydney

Such a great course. My husband and I just finished it and it’s the best thing we have done.

We are more connected and are really feeling calm and relaxed about the birthing and labour journey ahead.

Emily and Ben Dulwich Hill, Sydney

I feel much more empowered! I know I can do this, regardless of what happens on the day!

Doing the classes and home preparation with Ben has helped us both feel like we are much more prepared.

I now feel that I have some great go-to strategies for myself and that I can rely on Ben to support me through the more difficult moments.

I think the course was also empowering for Ben and he has been really proactive in suggesting we practice the scripts.

He really enjoys having an active role in the preparation for labour and birth and I am confident he will be a great support for me and the baby when labour starts.