How can we keep our calm?

Managing anxiety in this health chaos for pregnant and new mums. We have never lived in times like this, we have no frame of reference, everything seems a little out of control and not too far away from full blown chaos. How as a pregnant mum to be or a new mum are you coping? I'm a mum of one, 8 year old and a daughter to 70 plus parents whom I live with and I haven't been coping too well. Here's some little things that are helping me feel a bit more connected and calm.



Being pregnant or a new mum is anxiety provoking enough without this global health crisis. Whether you are a conspiracy theorist about how it came to be here or not- it's here , it's staying and as women, mums and new mums, we are now the leaders in protecting our families health. We are the nurturers the carers and protecting our children from this virus literally shouts out from all our cells. 

It's like keeping fear at bay in labour and birth

We cannot live in a total state of fear, it may seem like the last week we have been- our health and bodies will not forgive us if we cannot learn to teach ourselves a way out. Like in birth we must be able to access our relaxation response to help our body release, to birth our baby. So we must learn how to continue to access our relaxation response for our mind- to give ourselves a break from this constant worry and bombardment from the media. To effectively switch off- get some endophins and oxytocin back into our blood stream. 

Here's some things you can do to help:

  • Turn your phone off for a couple of hours and sit outside
  • Cook some delicious nutritious food
  • Get your bare feet into the ground
  • Get into the sunshine
  • Dance around the kitchen to your fave tune
  • Snuggle up in bed with a good book
  • Have an orgasm- made you smile :)

If you are pregnant
You may actually feel more reassured to self isolate. You need to do what feels right for you and if thats it then go for it. 

If you know that something like that would send you stir crazy then don't. We all deal with things differently so listen to your gut feeling and just do what feels right.

Getting outside for everyone helps lift moods, getting active and present within our bodies, reduces stress, anxiety and boosts our endorphins. Just 20 mins walking- doesnt need to be fast can just shift your mindset and help give yourself that break that you have been looking for.

Whether thats face to face or Online. Helping supporting and acknowledging that all other pregnant mums to be and mums are all having varying degrees of this anxiety, worry and stress- can help you to feel more normal. The number of phonecalls I've had this week alone- everyone worrying about the same things. It's ok we have never been in this situation before and in our particularly controlling cutlure of planning and certainty. This is definately being challenged- it certainly is roughing it all up and it IS unsettling. So it is ok to feel this. A great way to connect with others is through Wonder MUMS Club - join here is Wonder Birthing's private FB group full of incredible women supporting each other through every aspect of motherhood. 

Immunity builders
Eat well, sleep well, repeat. It's that simple. Eat healthy foods drink healthy drinks. 

Sitting still and breathing

Meditation is that but sounds harder doesn't it? Breathing calmly and slowly can help bring our heart rates and blood pressure rates down- which helps alliviate those panicy feelings that we can often have. Next time you are feeling this I want you just to stop and take 3 slow relaxed calm breaths. The difference in 20 secs is incredible. By consciously doing this over the next few days your body with feel less stressed and tense. We hold this anxiety within our muscles so we need to rememeber to help them to relax as well. 

I have started the 3 long deep breaths and have a time on my phone - every 2 hours it goes off. I have really noticed a difference in a few days. Let me know how you get on.

Guided meditations
I find guided meditations easier than just silence, as I have a very busy mind- here's one for you to help with connecting with your baby and to help bring further relaxation into your pregnancy. Even if you arent pregnant just having a short period of time to settle down and connect with your breathing and yourself lowers all the stress hormones that we have in our bodies. 

Online Birth Education
I am currently still teaching classes face to face or Live Online. So there is still options if your hospital has cancelled for any reasons. Please get in touch. I would love to hear from you. Here's the rundown on classes.

I also offer bespoke online or face to face classes about particular birthing topics that you may just want to focus on- get in touch.


If you would like to find out more about my birthing programs and how I can help you plan for an amazing birth, please get in touch. I would love to hear from you.