Positivity in Pregnancy

Have you had enough of the horror stories of birth?

Did everyone share with you over your Christmas dinner about the number of stitches they had after the birth of their baby?

Did people laugh at you and roll their eyes when you told them you were going to see how you'd go without starting with drugs and an epidural?




This is all too common unfortunately and the bigger your baby gets in your belly get the more difficult it is to get people to keep their opinions to themselves.

It always astounds me the way other women think that by telling their scary birth story to a first time pregnant women is a good thing?

If you are surrounded by women who have birthed on their terms and their way and are happy to share their positive birth story then you are actually in the minority.

Now I am definitely not down playing anyone's awful birthing experience, unfortunately it is more and more common. Here are the stats- this is also the reported stats there's no doubt in birth professionals minds that the rates would actually be much higher.

  • 1 in 7 Post Natal Depression women (Cope 2017)
  • 1 in 5 Post Natal Anxiety women (Cope 2017)
  • 1 in 10 new fathers (Gidget Foundation)
  • 100 000 Australians each year affected

So what can you do to protect yourself from others negativity but also to prevent yourself from becoming another post natal statistic?

  •  Be clever in who you share your birthing plans, ideas with- if you know your best friend had. A birth that is completely opposite from what you are trying to achieve then just don't talk to her about it.
  •  If you know there's someone at work who loves giving birth and had a positive experience then chat with her
  • Fill your world with this type of birth chat
  • If you cannot prevent someone from sharing their awful story then – protect yourself with a lil visual of whatever suits you—imagine their words disappearing before they reach you- imagine that you have a shield up around yourself so that only positive words about birth can penetrate it.
  • Something as simple and easy as this can have a really powerful impact on your conscious and subconscious brain about the type of birth you are wanting to achieve.
  • Surround yourself with positive birthing women- in person or online, follow the Positive Birth Movement – if you are local to Sydney we meet the last Wednesday of every month here's our FB page
  • Get a care provider that you can know and trust- someone who has time for you at appointments- someone who will listen to you and help you to achieve the birth of your dreams
  • Get educated about how birth can be different from the "Hollywood drama" that is fed to us from a very early age.
  • By being independently and well educated about birth- you are prepared for all situations.
  • This knowledge helps you to feel more in control if your birth deviates from your original plan. (more about birth plans here).
  • Get a doula – doulas are a wealth of positive birth resources and a fantastic advocate on the day of your birth, having someone to support you emotionally who is just there for you can make any birthing experience a positive one.
  • Read Positive Birth books- Anything my Ina May, Rhea Demspey, Janet Balaskas, Milli Hill
  • Visualise your dream birth
  • Use Birthing Affirmations here to download some
  • Know where you are birthing and what their rates and stats are?
  • If you are wanting a birth with the least amount of interventions possible – then check your hospitals interventions rates, there's no point finding these things out on the day you go into labour.

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