To mark World Breastfeeding Week some of the amazing WonderMUMS club members kindly offered to write down their breastfeeding journey to share.

The theme of this year’s breast feeding week is Empower Parents, Enable Breastfeeding. By sharing our stories together we are able to show that breastfeeding is a journey- everyone has their own path- with the right support, everyone can carry on the way they wish.


Leila- Wonder MUM :)

Watching our little guy wriggle to my boob after just being born was magical! Breastfeeding done, I thought. Ha! The next few days my partner had to help me position him as my arms just didn’t seem to have the right muscles to hold him.
What followed was lots of whispers "big mouth baby bird" to try and encourage the little guy to get his latch right. We were both learning about how to get along. After the months of cluster feeding, leaking, soreness and lots and lots of time sitting still, came 9months old; feeding all night long then trying to back up with work during the day. It seemed impossible to do on-demand feeding and go to work.

Suffice to say, I am now back 4 days a week and we are still breast feeding. I now realise that it is our bonding time - when I get home from work he does everything to connect with me the best way he knows how - with the "boo" as he calls it. We feed less now overnight with my partner's help.

Breastfeeding is tough - even when it goes smoothly like ours has. It seems to take a toll on my body and there have been times when I have thought, "I can see why people give this up". But I think that is probably the same with all feeding - breast or bottle.
The dependency of a little thing - biggest responsibility in the world.


Erin Wonder MUM :)

When J was born we tried so much to get him to feed but he didn’t have a suck reflex yet. Also he had blood sugar issues so we had to top him up with formula after each feed until my milk came in (I had expressed and stored colostrum before he was born to be able to prevent this but in the rush I didn’t bring it and we didn’t get it brought to hospital until day 2.)

Those first few days were hard! Lots of skin to skin and pumping after each feed. Attempting to feed him and basically him just getting more and more frustrated then I’d top up his feeds with the milk I had pumped the feed before.

Finally after a few days we were visited by a lactation consultant who said to use a nipple shield as it stimulates his suck reflex - helped so much!

At home we hired a hospital grade pump and I’d pump after each feed for half an hour to be able to top him up the following feed. After about 2 months he stopped taking milk I offered after feeds which I took to mean he was getting enough by himself and we stopped pumping.

We used the nipple shield for about 3 months. I remember thinking I’ll never be able to wean him off it, but after a few weeks of trying we both got used to it and now I almost forgot how I had to use it. Feeding at night was so much easier once I weaned him off it as I could just latch him on lying down which I could never manage with the shield.

He’s 14 months and still feeds to sleep during the day most days (I’m at work 2 days a week) and at night. There are times I feel drained and my nipples feel sore. But I love the connection and I’m not ready to stop anytime soon - and neither is he. It was one of my goals to be able to feed for a year at least and I’m so glad that we did all the work to be able to exceed our goal.



Aislinn Wonder MUM :)

has also written her breastfeeding story in her blog

For more information on Breastfeeding support check out https://www.breastfeeding.asn.au

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