Samuel was born 8:15am on 22nd September 2011. He was 12 days ‘overdue’ and there had been talk of an induction the next day if he hadn’t arrived. I was really keen to keep to my dream of how I wanted my son to arrive into the world so I worked hard doing things to keep him moving on out.


I had been having braxton hicks every evening for a least a week before Samuel arrived for a couple of hours usually starting at about 10pm and lasting a few hours- every night I would be so excited when this happened thinking this is going to be the day I meet my baby- however every morning super early I would wake up on the couch- not the most comfy when I was soo massive.

My husband and I worked for the same charity at the time and I had already been on maternity leave for 3 weeks – as my SIL went 3 weeks early so I was thinking that may happen to me too- also I had a lot of box sets I wanted to watch before my little one arrived. My hubby was super sick of every person asking him every day whether our baby had arrived yet- Like he wouldn’t tell them??

Anyway on the Wednesday afternoon he told work he’d start paternity leave- even though our little one hadn’t arrived as he was needed to support me when I had meetings at the hospital discussing inductions, montiorings etc and that was all about to start. It’s important to have your support person with you in those meetings- not that I needed him in the end.

So like the last 7 evenings previously he to bed when they the sensations came again and I focused on relaxing on my fitness ball and watching something funny- Big Brother was on in the UK at the time- (don’t judge me) and honestly one of the funniest things on TV was on- they made a girl from Newcastle in the UK who was quite into her fake tan get about 5 spray tans straight after each other for the task that day! She was soo orange just like an Ummp Loompa I laughed so hard and I kept watching it again- tears streaming down my face. There is a link to it here if you fancy a laugh. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJfAFky7vqs

I watched tele till around 2am and was then thinking wow these sensations don’t seem to be slowing down- so I had a cup of tea and some porridge as I felt really hungry and then went back to watching tele- I then thought maybe I should time them. They were 5 mins apart- WOW this could be it I thought and I just sat for a few minutes rubbing my super large bump talking to my baby saying all the wonderful things about how our birth was about to be. I then went and woke Alex.

He’s not too good at waking up and I woke him a couple of times whilst sitting on the bed- but he was barely awake- until my waters broke on the bed- that got him up . Pretty funny- he then started getting things ready for the birth. We had decided to have a home birth about 6 weeks before my due date- I had had a healthy pregnancy with no issues and we lived 3 mins from the hospital. Alex used to say ‘oh we could run down to the hospital anytime’- I doubted that I would be running anywhere in labour.

However the main reason I really loved the idea of a homebirth was that I then only had 2 midwives who came to see me before and after the birth and I knew that one of them would be with us at the birth. The best part was they could do their visits at home even before the birth so it was a very special relationship- They both came to our leaving party in the UK and have been so supportive of my hypnobirthing journey and teaching other women as they have seen how powerful the techniques and tools were in my birth.

Alex was putting things everywhere and moving things out of the way we had a tiny 1 bedroom flat in East London- he was awake now and saying ‘Wow its happening much faster than I thought it would”.

I had my MP3s on and was tuning into that now. I completed a hypnobirthing course 2 weeks before my due date and had been practicing daily. I walked up and down the stairs- leant against the wall and tried to get on all fours on the floor but wasn’t comfy – I have funny knees so kept standing up. We then phoned the Midwife at 3:30am as they were nearly 3 mins apart.

Poor Elaine my midwife had been at a birth the night before –(I met the lady at the next homebirth group I went to and we used to have Samuel and her son’s birthday parties together in the UK) I loved that connection. We phoned her and she arrived 3:45pm I wasn’t really aware of this but Alex thinks she thought she could see us and possibly go back home for a few hours- she examined to me and I was 7 cms- and she said she would be staying.

I then just padded round the flat moaning and breathing as I needed to use the surge breathes at the right times. The MP3s were on all the time and when they stopped I would just reach over and hit play again! Birthing affirmations what were keeping me going through this part.

I don’t really remember much of this time just that I just let my body do what it needed- I found a comfy spot with one leg resting on the arm of the couch and standing- (standing Squat of sorts). Alex sat on the couch giving me pieces of ice and putting a small fan on my face- at one stage it got caught quite badly in my hair. Although I wasn’t bothered I just ripped it out with quite a lot of hair- Alex was shocked. The room was really warm as you have to have the heating on for a home birth so most of the time I was covered in sweat.

Alex was a fantastic support reassuring me if I can out of my zone a little bit saying how well I was doing, we had the affirmations on they were really wonderful in keeping me focused. The one time I came out and said I cant do it I want to go home- (this is a sign that the baby is just about to come) Elaine and Alex said – Look you are home – you are doing it and then Samuel started to crown. I felt the urge to bare down and after two surges he was out. I gave birth standing up with one leg on the arm of the couch- Alex shouted BOY as Samuel came out and Elaine literally caught him.

I was elated and overwhelmed with joy and my pupils are soo dilated in the first few photos as it truly is like an out of body experience. The hormones rushing through you and the endorphins and oxytocin – the love hormones take over your body. Samuel came into my arms wide awake and serene- he fed within the first 10 mins and looked into my eyes with such knowing it still gives me shivers.

My whole birth was the best experience of my life and this is what I want for you- thank you for reading this- it has felt quite self indulgent. Having a positive birth experience is so important for bonding connection and love for both you your baby and your partner.

It doesn’t need to be a drug free homebirth like mine- not at all- it needs to be the birth you want that you will own so you too can get that glow of happiness every time you think about it. Your child’s birthday is a time where you re live their Birthing day. It stays with you forever so it’s your absolute right to ensure that it’s an incredibly positive experience.

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