On the first World Hypnobirthing Day that’s coming up this week I thought I’d explain a little about what Hypnobirthing is all about??


Well what it isn’t as well? It’s not swinging clocks and doing the chicken dance. Stage shows give hypnosis a BAD name.

Hypnobirthing helps women to move into a state of trance and relaxation and stay in that zone throughout their labour and birthing experience.

Hypnobirthing has totally changed my life.
It made my birth the best day of my life

      • Not just for the obvious reason that I met my son
      • But for the way the skills helped me to believe in myself and my body
      • I was able to take my over thinking, analytical and critical mind out of my birth
      • So my self doubt, fear and inner critic were silenced
      • My self belief, confidence and birthing body took over.

I, like most people initially was a little sceptical about how it was going to work? Would I really be able to stay calm and relaxed whilst pushing a baby out my vagina?
Could I really believe that my body would work after years of conditioning that women cannot birth without the help of medical science?
Could I really let go of that fear of birth- the fear and horror stories that people share and are so prevalent in our media infused upbringing?

Many people find it difficult to relax, sit still and meditate as we live in such a chaotic fast paced – this was me too.

However once I learnt that birth doesn’t need to be feared- it can be enjoyed and potentially even painless- (well some say). I started to change my beliefs- it’s a process and you need to practice- you need to listen to the scripts again and again. Your subconscious needs to re learn that birth doesn’t need to be a dangerous event.

By staying in a relaxed state we simply give our bodies a better chance of working more effectively to birth our babies.

Learning skills to access your relaxation response in a super quick way throughout labour assists you to regain composure and strength to focus on your birth.
Hypnobirthing teaches our birth partners to understand how to get us back into our ‘ZONE’ if something upsets us.

I enjoyed giving birth and would do it again and again if I could. This is why I now teach to pregnant couples- I want women to understand how birth can be and what it can look and feel like with some simple skills that anyone can learn.
I use the skills I learnt daily to help me be more mindful, patient and connected with myself and my son.

There are many hypnobirthing courses on the market and each have their own individual focus and offerings.

The skills I learnt would have helped me even if my birth moved from its planned path, this is the beauty of what I teach- being calm and relaxed and losing your fear of birth will only help you to positively prepare for your birth throughout your pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing is not only for women who are leaning towards a birth with less interventions. This is a big misconception!

- it doesn’t matter which way you chose to birth- being relaxed and calm in whatever situation is what is key to a positive birthing experience.

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