It doesn't matter whether you are having aiming for a vaginal or c section birth you can have a positive and enjoyable birth without fear.


There is so much information on the internet - it's important to have a clear guide and simple, easy to follow steps to help you to have a positive birth and here they are.

You don't need to be terrified anxious or fearful of birth anymore.

This simple, easy to follow list will have you confident about childbirth in no time.

1. Building your bonds now.

Building connection with your unborn child is a beautiful way to create a relationship and feeling your baby responding to your touch and voice is incredible. Your baby loves nothing more than to hear your voice. Chat away to your baby daily and sing songs too. Get your partner involved as your baby loves to hear their voice too.

2. Take time out for you.

Mothers need to take time out to re charge and this practice should begin in pregnancy. Listening to our bodies and knowing when we need to have a break is an easy thing to forget to do. Start your Self Care diary today and schedule time in for yourself every week- everyday would be ideal, but sometimes our lives are really hectic. Don't think of it as self-indulgent and that you don't need it. YOU DO....and so does your child. Your baby needs a mother that understands the importance of looking after herself. If you don't practice regular self-care- what message are you sending your child. "That it is ok for me to put everyone else's needs before my own and I don't need care?" it's not a healthy message and is not one we want our children to follow.

3. Positivity in birth.

Join or follow the Positive Birth Movement. Join a group, attend meet ups if you can or at least follow their socials. Inner West Sydney one HERE

There is so much positivity about birth on the internet- but often we only read about the fear of childbirth, this can often increase our anxiety in pregnancy and it definitely doesn't help us to prepare for a positive experience. By surrounding yourself and following positive groups about pregnancy – you will read beautiful birthing stories and soon you too will start to believe that you can have a positive birth. Also, look at birthing affirmations and start putting them up around your place and as reminders in your phone. (LINK FB page album)

4. Get your Birth Partner prepared.

Talk to your birth partner about the type of birth you are wanting, make sure they understand why it is important to you. Watch some births on You Tube- there are loads of beautiful calm ones, just put hypnobirthing into the search and 1000s will pop up. If this is not your first birth, then you will want to talk to your birth partner about their first experience and see what they would like to do differently this time. Chat about jobs they can have on the day- such as sorting out the music, giving you massages and keeping you calm and relaxed.

5. Get ready for birth.

Be ready, get educated- education about birth, breastfeeding, newborn care, infant first aid and the postpartum period. So, you know what to expect- everyone's experiences are unique but being armed with as much independent education as possible really is key to being able to make the right decisions for you and your baby. Feeling educated and confident in what's going to happen in the next few months can reduce your anxiety in pregnancy.

6. Packing your bag.

You need baby's things- yes but you also need A LOT of stuff for you too. Bring things into your environment that will make you feel safe, calm and relaxed. Make sure you have lots of food and drinks for both you and your partner as you don't want to be starving...you need to keep your energy levels up as no one ever knows how long their labour is going to be.

7. Write a Birth Plan.

No one is able to support your wishes if you don't write out what you want in your birth. It needs to be clear concise and ONLY 1 PAGE. (no one is going to read more than that.) Also, you need to have lots of copies so everyone around you and supporting you can be informed of your choices- by having this plan they are then able to support you in the way you want to be. Birth partners are also walking talking birth plans that is why they really need to be educated and informed about what you want.

Another super tip that actually isn't for birth but rather for after your birth is how to plan for your postpartum period. Stock your freezer with nutritious food that's easy to digest- such a soups, stews and broths. These simple easy to digest foods help renew your energy and your body to repair and heal after birth. Ask people for help and don't feel like you need to entertain people when they come to visit you and the baby. Get them to make their own cup of tea.

If you feel that you want more information- a complete guide breakdown of these 7 tips are available here to download for FREE. Over 4 pages diving deeper into losing your fear of childbirth....to connect with Amelia and Wonderbirthing- message NOW.