This is me - I am the Queen and this is my Prince......this was MY DAY!!

This day changed my life forever.......as it changed Kate's when she birthed Prince...whatever his name is — till hasn't been decided yet— hope its Bertie.....When Kate gave birth to Prince George a couple of years ago. I was in London and went down to the gates - took my 18 month old son to witness the board that shows their births....anyone who knows me knows I am a royal fan....not as not a republican but just that everyone wants to meet their prince or princess.....I never had a board out the front of my house when I birthed Samy.....I never had that out the front of my blue doored council flat in London......but it didn't matter......I still felt as HIGH and wonderful as Princess Kate did. She is educated.....she learnt how to use her mind to help her body ..she learnt traditional ways to birth and she has done it for her 3 births......She is awesome...she makes it look easy....It actually is easy when you know what you are doing, when you are supported the right way.....YOUR BIRTH YOUR WAY!!!!!

Unfortunately Kate has received a lot of press- she was going to anyway- she is birthing heirs to the English throne.

But she is getting a lot of critical press.....Women don't look like that after they give birth? Well they probably don't as she does have access to the BEST hair and make-up teams in the world but HEY NEWSFLASH.......some women are actually happy and smiling after they give birth.....there is a chemical HIGH that women get..if they birth with little or no interventions....I was one of those women.....#notluckyjusteducated ..I chose to have a homebirth 6 weeks before my due date and I was lucky enough to be living in a part of London that still funded NHS homebirth teams....where birth choices for homebirth was actually an option.......perhaps not so easy now and also compared to living in Australia—I probably would have had to free birth if this was when I decided I didn't want to birth in a hospital if I was in Australia. The amazing private midwives here-(OZ) particularly in Sydney are usually booked up before the mum to be is even 12 weeks.

Kate looks happy...probably because she is.....Kate is glowing because she's had a bit of makeup and hair but also she really fuckin feels like she HAS conquered the world..bringing another life into the world is the greatest gift anyone can do!!!!! SHE'S BLOODY DONE IT 3 TIMES ..WITH HYPNOBIRTHING WITH THE WHOLE FUCKIN WORLD WATCHING........ IT WORKS...check it out.......#notluckyjusteducated #getoffthebeds #wonderbirthing #enough #birthiswonderful