Are you super busy- is being pregnant one of the busiest times you remember in your life?

Pregnancy is a time when actual time starts to feel like it really is flying past you…everything is counted- days, weeks, pregnancy weeks and loads of other time markers are involved…have you got the cot? Is your baby sleeping in a cot?? Will they sleep in a cot attached to the bed? Who knew these things even existed…The information overload is incredible…Nipple pads, cooling nipple pads, warming pads?

It can feel overwhelming and sometimes it may feel like you just don’t want to read any more. You end up signing up for lots of baby and pregnancy emails- and then get bombarded……you don’t have time to read them all..no one does…..and you are probably still working full time or looking after a toddler- so who has time to sit down and read a 3-page blog on the right sheets to put on your mattress for the cot? 😊

Does this sound really familiar? You are not alone- so many pregnant women experience this and when I was pregnant with my son- I totally felt the same.

TOO much- attend a breast-feeding class, attend a bathing class, attend a cloth nappy demo…all in random locations- with NO PARKING – especially if you live in Sydney—or there maybe parking but it costs you $25 an hour!

Birthing classes- people start looking into around the 30-week time- and by then the countdown to birth is already on. Planning babymoons trips away- catching up with people ‘before we have the baby’ – how are you supposed to commit to a 10-hour birthing program over a whole weekend or 4 evenings per week. Driving and racing around after work – through the traffic- grab something quick for dinner sit down and try and absorb- soo much information?? How are you supposed to do it- when you are increasingly more tired, grumpy and your body aches in places that you didn’t even know existed.

That’s why at Wonderbirthing I created the ONLINE live classes. 5 hours of LIVE content over 4 Monday evenings. Super easy- sit in your PJs if you want –eat your dinner and relax whilst you enjoy learning about having a wonderful birth. I teach LIVE- nothing is pre-recorded – so I can answer your questions anytime and we can interact- just like a regular class- without being in the smelly old classroom of a hospital.
It’s a convenient easy way to learn great techniques for birth. There’s an accompanying workbook that gets posted out to you before the course. Emails sent weekly with further links to birthing videos and Mp3s to listen to..

My next round starts on May 7th and they will run Monthly – starting the first Monday of every month for 4 weeks. Check out the website for further details. https://www.wonderbirthing.com.au/wonder-services/online-birthing-program