More and more women are being told in the later stages of their pregnancy that their baby is not in the ideal position for birth. Why is this happening to our generation of pregnant women?

More and more women are being told in the later stages of their pregnancy that their baby is not in the ideal position for birth. Why is this happening to our generation of pregnant women?

Our babies ideally should be head down with their back to your belly by around 30 weeks although often for 1 in 4 women this is not the case…Being told that our baby isn’t in the right position for a vaginal birth can then cause many pregnant women to worry and for some eager to intervene care providers start talking about interventions.

Why is this happening and why is it soo common? If we look back at our grandparents’ generation and see what their lifestyles were like to compare it to ours.

They did not have cars- they walked A LOT more than us.

They didn’t have big comfy sofas- they were lucky to have an arm chair- that’s much more upright thank our long L shaped lounges.

They didn’t have TV’s so they didn’t sit for hours watching reality TV series (MAFS) on catch up or re runs of Games of Thrones.

They didn’t have computers so didn’t sit at a desk all day typing either.

My Grandmother’s day whilst she was pregnant consisted of walking to the green grocer, then the butcher and baker- most days probably around 3-5 kms.

Coming home then cooking and cleaning.

Hand washing everything or using the spinner thingy- (I can’t remember its name)

Cleaning different parts of the house depending on what day of the week it was. This would involve scrubbing the floors being on hands and knees with a small brush.

All this activity really would have helped my grandmother’s daughter- my mum to move into and stay in a great position for birth.

Luckily for us we don’t need to get on our hands and knees daily to scrub the floor- we have steam mop cleaners and amazing vacuum cleaners that you barely have to pull around. You may even have a robot one- so that does it for you.. YOU MAY even have a cleaner…(so all you need to do is clean up for the cleaner-LOL- that doesn’t involve any scrubbing though).

So you can see that our lives now are much more sedate, much more lazy in so many ways and we move our body much less. Even if you are exercising in your pregnancy – once or twice a week- it’s still not the same as our grandmother’s levels of activity would have been.

How to avoid your baby not being in the ideal position.

Think about your posture when you are sitting.


Or if you really can’t use pillows to make your back straighter when you are sitting

Sit on a birthing ball or more upright chair instead of the couch

Ensure your knees are lower than your pelvis- this tilt of your body is a fabulous easy adjustment to make for your baby.

Take a birthing ball to sit on at your desk at work- you will find them much more comfortable to sit on- (once you get your balance) particularly the closer you come to your due month.

If you find out that your baby is not in the ideal position- DON’T worry- easier said than done right?? Our mind is powerful and you can use it to help change your babys’ position.

Visualise your baby in the correct position.

Repeat the Mirror Mantra to yourself two or three times per day ….There’s a video on my FB page…search Mirror Mantra…Head down, chin to chest, hand to heart, back to belly!


This fabulous tool can help you stay relaxed and build your confidence in visualising your baby in the ideal position.

Listening to relaxation MP3s and other music that you know relaxes you can help your body to make more space. By relaxing your muscles and releasing tension your baby has more room to move around.

Hypnosis techniques can be useful and doing a fear release script can release subconscious fears about birth that you maybe holding onto.

I offer women a one off Breech Turn Hypnosis session, if this sounds practical to you send me a message here.

Acupuncturists often use moxibustion to turn breech babies.

Chiropractors use the Webster technique or other adjustments to help align your pelvis.

Spinning Babies – have many great exercises you can do that will assist in turning your baby.

I teach a workshop on Breech Birth which includes hypnosis, relaxation techniques, tools and videos. It provides you also with space to look at what exactly your options are so that you can make the right decision for you and your baby in a supportive environment. Get in touch here.

Sometimes you may be offered an ECV (external cephalic version) by your caregiver this is a manual attempt to turn the baby. This has mixed results and always discuss and review the options available to you. If you are having this option remember to really stay relaxed and calm during the procedure as you’ll want you body to be free of tension to create more space for your baby.

Remember whatever birth you have- you can have a wonderfully positive experience. Unsure how to do that. Here’s the link to my latest round of classes.

I’m offering face to face in Abbotsford and Summer Hill and NOW ON LINE live classes from April.