Forceps. Cutting. Tearing. Stitches. 50 hour agony-filled labours…

This is what the majority of women want to share with you when they find out you are expecting a member of the next generation.

Really ladies? REALLY!? How is this helpful? Do you want to scare every young woman in your office by letting them hear about how you had so many stitches that they couldn’t even count them?

No wonder more and more people are choosing to be led away from natural birthing routes. They’re frightened!

Now, please understand that I’m not trying to belittle anyone’s birth experience – particularly if you view your own personal experience as a negative one.

Some people do tear, (I did but I still had a wonderful birth) some people’s births are laborious, some people do require medical intervention BUT just because of that- doesn’t make it a horror story.

It’s understandable that you may want to talk your experience through BUT please ask yourself whether another expectant mother is the right person to hear it.

Protecting women from birth ‘horror stories’ and dramatic imagery of childbirth in this day and age is virtually impossible. Hollywood hasn’t helped and neither have many other TV shows (that will remain nameless).

We form ideas of childbirth long before we are planning to have children of our own. After years of conditioning it can be difficult to think that it is going to be any different for us when we do actually become pregnant.

However. I am delighted to say that there is a change in the air that is beginning to grow and become more powerful as it attempts to change the way women feel about childbirth and they way they talk about childbirth to each other.

By choosing to surround yourself with positive birth stories and imagery whilst you are pregnant, and really preparing yourself for your own birth, you can make a shift in your old negative thoughts and beliefs around childbirth. There are plenty of You Tube clips of labouring women who actually look like they may be enjoying it.

Birth should NOT be seen as a scary event. Some womens’ experience is not one of pain. Some women even have orgasms whilst giving birth. Far out! How awesome would that be!

So much birth preparation focuses on what can go wrong in labour and birth but this is not a helpful way for humans to learn. Fear is counterproductive to birth because when we’re in a state of fear our muscles tense. When giving birth your body and mind needs to be as relaxed as possible so your baby can move through you and out into the world.

If you want to look at birth in a more positive light- then look up


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